5 Ways to Strengthen your Message through Storytelling


It’s tempting to think that the modern technology we have at our disposal is all we need to deliver a killer message to our audiences. But the key to delivering an idea or message effectively lies in an ancient art: Storytelling. Storytelling reinforces your message by establishing an emotional connection with your audience. It helps people to better comprehend your ... Read More »

The Story Behind The Fulbright Scholar


Stanislas Phanord moved from Haiti to Boston’s Mat­tapan neigh­bor­hood when he was three, facing various personal challenges throughout his childhood and into high school. Phanord, who is set to grad­uate on May 2 from Northeastern with a bachelor’s degree in polit­ical sci­ence, was recently named a Rangel Grad­uate Fellow and the recip­ient of a Ful­bright Eng­lish Teaching Assist­ant­ship in France. He is one of only 20 ... Read More »

5 Ways to Get More out of Your Fundraising Events

5 Ways to Get More Out of Your Fundraising Effort

Even though your nonprofit organization might have the purest of missions, it still takes money to keep it running. And such an important function shouldn’t be left to guesswork or shot-in-the-dark approaches. With the right fundraising strategy, you can get a lot more bucks for your efforts. Here’s five tips that can help you get more out of your fundraising ... Read More »

3 Ways to Attract Top Talent at Your Nonprofit


Hiring for a non-profit can be a double-edged sword. The good news is that, as a nonprofit, your organization offers many of the “intangibles” that can lead to a fulfilling career by serving others. The bad news is you most likely can’t compete with a for-profit when it comes to salary. However, there are ways to overcome this discrepancy and ... Read More »

Why Professional Master’s Degrees are the Next Round of Innovation

"IMGP2306.JPG" by Robert S. Donovan

With so many people still in debt from their bachelor’s degree, what case is there to make for taking on additional debt for a master’s degree? Sean Gallagher, Northeastern’s Chief Strategy Officer and recent doctoral graduate from the College of Professional Studies Doctor of Education Program, says the need for professional master’s degrees is clear-cut. These are the degrees that ... Read More »

How a Physical Therapy Degree Helped One Woman Fight Sexism, Autism and HIV in South Africa


Earning a doctorate degree is an incredible feat. But what’s even more incredible than earning it? What you can do with it. The following is the story of Petronella van der Merwe, who has beat the odds again and again to get where she is today: A savior to her autistic son, and working to use physical therapy to help ... Read More »

9 Great E-Learning Apps

"App Icon Grid" by Ash Kyd

I’ve been involved with online learning for many years. I’m often asked, “What are your favorite ‘apps’ for learning?” My answer is to turn the question around: “What are my favorite approaches to learning, and what apps are good at supporting them?” Recent advances in our understanding of learning and the way the brain works shed light on this important question.  ... Read More »

5 Ways to Get More Social Media Engagement


Whether you’re a seasoned social media veteran or just getting ready to launch your first social media channel, how to continually engage your audience in a meaningful way is a challenge that we all face. Here are some tips that will help you get started or get back on the right track to create and maintain vital and engaged communities. ... Read More »

Part Online, Part On-Campus: 5 Reasons to Consider Hybrid Learning


You want the real, live interaction and feeling of community that come with in-person classes. But you also like the flexibility of online learning. It’s a common conundrum, and one that’s led to the rise in popularity of another format: the hybrid course, which is sometimes called “blended” learning. Here, some of the classroom time is replaced by online components. Many of ... Read More »

4 Ways Multitasking Decreases Productivity (And How to Avoid It)


As a faculty member in Project Management at Northeastern University, I often cover multitasking in my lectures. People think it’s a great idea, and even go so far as to brag about it in their resumes and in interviews. Newsflash: Multitasking is probably productivity’s biggest enemy. It doesn’t make us more efficient. It simply splits our time. Here’s why it’s a bad idea. ... Read More »

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