Marriage at the Supreme Court

United States Supreme Court Building and American Flag

With U.S. Supreme Court oral arguments on same sex marriage set for April 28, 2015, Dan Urman, lead faculty for the law curriculum in the Doctor of Law and Policy program, answers a few questions about how this moment has arrived, and what it means. Urman teaches about same-sex marriage litigation in his doctoral courses to illustrate how law reflects ... Read More »

Adeptly Adopting Adaptive @ SXSWedu

Kevin Bell (second from left) at the annual SXSWedu conference in Austin, TX, on March 10 with Tiffany Mfume of Morgan State University (left), Dr. Jill Biden, educator and spouse of Vice President Joe Biden (second from right), and Lawrence Morales of Seattle Central Community College (right) on a panel hosted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

By Kevin Bell, Executive Director of Curriculum Development and Deployment, Lecturer Last month I was happy to be back in Austin, TX, for the 5th annual SXSWedu conference. This year I felt embraced by the “little brother” nature of the event — appreciating it for what it is — the palate clearer in Austin before Lady Gaga and/or Snoop Dog/Lion swing ... Read More »

Grad School: Why Enroll and What to Watch Out For


Students share their experience Making the decision to pursue a graduate degree isn’t easy—nor should it be. The investment is as much emotional as it is financial and will affect the next two to three years of your life. “You need to make it work for you,” said Iona Tice, a Master of Public Administration candidate, on Saturday, March 14, ... Read More »

The Transnational Teaching Experience

From left to right: Current student Uyen Ha Phan, Jane Vo, a prospective student who was visiting Nancy's class, and Nancy

By Nancy Pawlyshyn, Senior Faculty Fellow, School of Education, Special Academic Officer to the Dean It is a long trip to Southeast Asia from Boston, 20 hours of flying time, but surprisingly, the time passes quickly. I alternate between sleeping and reading a history of Vietnamese culture in anticipation of the four weeks when I will be teaching in the Global ... Read More »

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of a Graduate Open House


Going back to school is a big decision. Not only will you need to ask yourself if you are ready to commit your time and your finances, but you’ll also need to do your due diligence to compare universities and their individual programs to make sure you select the right one for you. One way to help you make your ... Read More »

From GED to EdD: Seeing Challenge as Opportunity

When you meet Dawn Mackiewicz, you see an energetic, passionate, workhorse of a woman. You see an accomplished online instructor who not only teaches her own students, but teaches other online instructors how to be more effective in the online format. Mackiewicz current is a student in the Doctor of Education program who, in addition to working full-time in higher ... Read More »

Traveling Around the World to Build a Career in Regulatory Affairs


Shrenik Desai is keenly aware of his role in the complex ecosystem of modern-day healthcare delivery. On one side are millions of cancer patients seeking new hope from the latest life-extending treatments. On the other side are the pharmaceutical and biotech companies developing, testing, and commercializing those treatments. In the middle, there are people like Desai, a 2012 graduate of ... Read More »

How Can Faculty Improve Online Instruction with Technology?


As an instructor for the past 18 years, with many of those years spent teaching online, I’ve found that an online class is only as good as its professor. Often, instructors in online formats believe that posting course materials and discussion board posts each week is sufficient for students. But I have found that the online experience can be somewhat nerve ... Read More »

A Startup for Startups: One Alumna’s Path to Entrepreneurship


Robin Hamilton does not look like the typical tenant at the Cambridge Innovation Center. No spiky hair. No nose ring. No hipster knit hat. However, as Boston Globe innovation columnist Scott Kirsner once noted about the startup incubator near Kendall Square, “an astonishingly high percentage of cool startups in town start off in this space.” By that yardstick, Hamilton, the ... Read More »

5 Skills from Online Learning That Translate to the Workplace


As a graduate instructor who teaches primarily online, I hear a lot of people say they choose to learn online because it’s what best fits with their own schedule. But I also see the many benefits of online learning as directly translatable to the skills you need to excel in the workforce. I find it especially important for professors, students ... Read More »

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