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Jay Laird is a faculty member in the Digital Media program. His research interests include methods for using game design to develop critical thinking and collaborative skills, methods for teaching programming logic and structures to artists, and the design of entertainment to encourage positive social change. Northeastern University is a top-tier research university that offers high-demand graduate programs aligned with the needs of industries around the globe. With a combination of online, hybrid, and on-campus degree programs in Boston, Seattle, and Charlotte, Northeastern gives you the best of classroom and online experience while providing you the freedom and flexibility to learn on your schedule.

Are Emoji Ruining (or Improving) Digital Communication?


Emoji: Those cute, expressive, sometimes weird symbols on your phone that have been popular in Japan for a decade and a half. Where did they come from, and what do they mean for the future of digital communication? Since 2009, iPhone users worldwide have had access to emoji to enhance their text communications. Since then, emoji have become available on ... Read More »

5 Ways to Improve Your Storytelling on the Web


You’ve decided on your story. It delivers your message. It’s relevant to your audience. But which is the best way to tell it on the Internet? The web gives us more ability than ever to tailor form and function to best suit our content. While storytelling is the key to shaping your message, each medium used to tell it has its ... Read More »

5 Ways to Strengthen your Message through Storytelling


It’s tempting to think that the modern technology we have at our disposal is all we need to deliver a killer message to our audiences. But the key to delivering an idea or message effectively lies in an ancient art: Storytelling. Storytelling reinforces your message by establishing an emotional connection with your audience. It helps people to better comprehend your ... Read More »

4 Ways Video Games are Improving Scientific Research


Games are a growing part of our lives, and in more ways than you might think. Thanks to our mobile devices, we can always kill that few minutes’ wait for a train with a game of Bad Apples. With services like Beeminder we can gamify our day-to-day tasks by betting money on whether we’ll complete them. And with the availability of free educational ... Read More »

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