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Golf and Sports Leadership: How One Woman Broke into a Male-Dominated Field

Article 6- Michelle Krasodomski

Growing up, Michelle Krasodomski was no stranger to golf courses. She learned how to play as a teenager from her father, who adores golfing. But as an athlete, she preferred to stick to her sports of choice: volleyball and basketball. Much later — after earning her Master of Sports Leadership degree from Northeastern and an internship with the Vermont Golf Association got her hooked ... Read More »

3 Leadership Skills the Pros Use to Influence Others

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As both an individual leader and as a manager, the ability to influence others is key in achieving goals, avoiding dysfunctional conflict, and creating a collaborative environment. What makes the best influencers successful is the ability to listen and observe other people. If you listen closely, you’ll hear which tactics will be most effective in winning trust and confidence. It’s ... Read More »

What Can You Do with a Degree in Game Design?


Game design is a broad field. Whether you’re interested in creative, graphics, data or programming, there’s a lot you can do with a degree in game design. Each part of designing a game calls for a highly specialized skill set. And the $13.2 billion market is growing, projected to reach $22 billion by 2015, according to Gartner, Inc. Of that ... Read More »

What’s the Difference Between a Master’s in Leadership and an MBA?


Let’s say you know you want to go into management or leadership. In today’s business world, the lines between the two can seem blurred. What’s the real difference? Which program will best help you meet your goals? Both degrees will help you develop your problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision-making abilities, but they get there differently. Here are some questions you ... Read More »

How a Scholarship Paved the Way to a Political Future


For years, Julie Taylor felt that something in her life was missing. So when her 50th birthday approached, she set her sights on meeting her most significant goal: earning her college degree.  Taylor had attended Bentley University after high school and later earned her associates degree in engineering. And while she always wanted to finish, being a stay-at-home mom of ... Read More »

The Story Behind The Fulbright Scholar


Stanislas Phanord moved from Haiti to Boston’s Mat­tapan neigh­bor­hood when he was three, facing various personal challenges throughout his childhood and into high school. Phanord, who is set to grad­uate on May 2 from Northeastern with a bachelor’s degree in polit­ical sci­ence, was recently named a Rangel Grad­uate Fellow and the recip­ient of a Ful­bright Eng­lish Teaching Assist­ant­ship in France. He is one of only 20 ... Read More »

Why Professional Master’s Degrees are the Next Round of Innovation

"IMGP2306.JPG" by Robert S. Donovan

With so many people still in debt from their bachelor’s degree, what case is there to make for taking on additional debt for a master’s degree? Sean Gallagher, Northeastern’s Chief Strategy Officer and recent doctoral graduate from the College of Professional Studies Doctor of Education Program, says the need for professional master’s degrees is clear-cut. These are the degrees that ... Read More »

How a Physical Therapy Degree Helped One Woman Fight Sexism, Autism and HIV in South Africa


Earning a doctorate degree is an incredible feat. But what’s even more incredible than earning it? What you can do with it. The following is the story of Petronella van der Merwe, who has beat the odds again and again to get where she is today: A savior to her autistic son, and working to use physical therapy to help ... Read More »

Will Innovation Shake Up Higher Education?


Should higher education be free? Can students learn without the direct assistance of faculty? What’s the most effective model of assessment? These kinds of questions are central to innovation in higher education, a topic in the news this week with the announcement of  a new higher education innovation program at Arizona State University and Georgetown University. Set to launch this fall, the “Institute ... Read More »

New Online Course Platform Seeks to Tie in Job Skills


This week in higher education, we saw an announcement for a new online platform to help prospective online students search through available online course offerings from several of the largest online degree and MOOC providers. The idea is to create a new search platform for online course offerings, specifically the ones that tie into in-demand job skills for employers who ... Read More »

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