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Top Ten Trends in Returning Education in 2013


Here at Aspire, we dedicated much of this past year’s posts to the ins and outs of people considering going back to school. More adults are returning to college, are you one of them? By 2025, employers are expected to need 23 million more college graduates than the nation’s colleges and universities will have produced at the current rate. In ... Read More »

The Top Ten Trends in Online Education in 2013

School and study on a laptop

Online education continued to grow, change and define itself in 2013. Here’s what we’ve seen in 2013, as told through Aspire blog posts throughout the year. What’s missing from a lot of online education? The education. For years we’ve heard about the capacity of online learning to level the playing field, reduce costs and give people around the world access ... Read More »

It’s Not All About the Benjamins: Which Universities Prepare Students for “A Great Life”?

$100 dollar bills

Flying in the face of a separate college performance ranking system announced earlier this year by the Obama administration, Gallup and Purdue university announced their own plans to measure colleges’ effectiveness. The new ranking system seeks to go beyond these traditional measures like how many graduates are employed and making big salaries. It attempts to figure out which colleges provide their students the best chance ... Read More »

College Presidents to Obama: Your Higher Education Plan Won’t Work

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Thanks to a poll by Gallup and insight from Inside Higher Ed, we learned this week that a significant number of American college and university presidents are doubtful that President Barack Obama’s plan to lower the cost of higher education while increasing quality will accomplish its goals. The basis of the President’s plan is to tie federal grant dollars to a new rating system for ... Read More »

Obama to Higher Ed: Find Ways to Lower Costs, Maintain Quality


Could competency-based education reduce U.S. student loan debt? That’s what the Obama administration wants to know. In August, President Obama began encouraging U.S. universities and colleges to innovate around higher education, including challenging colleges to offer a greater range of affordable options, giving consumers clear and transparent information on college performance, and stripping away unnecessary regulations. Now, according to Insider ... Read More »

How Graduate Certificates Fit Into Today’s Fast-Moving Workplace


With advances in technology, workflow and business priorities, the pace of the workplace is faster than ever—and so is the need for employees to get new skills to keep pace. This is part of the reason why someone considering going back to school may opt to earn a graduate certificate instead of committing to a two-to-four-year degree program. With a ... Read More »

MOOCs Get LinkedIn to Employers

Young woman using laptop in a Cafe-905214

Struggling with low completion rates, some providers of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have launched a new strategy to increase student motivation. And it’s social. Social media platform LinkedIn announced this week it would begin a pilot program to allow students to display online courses they have completed on their LinkedIn profile. That way, students may be able to market themselves ... Read More »

MOOCs Try to Pinpoint the Missing Ingredient

Thanks to a new deal highlighted in the New York Times, the U.S. State Department has committed to a partnership with massive open online course (MOOC) provider Coursera to open in-person “learning hubs,” where students can access free MOOCs and meet with discussion groups.

Different strokes for different MOOCs. Thanks to a piece in Venture Beat this week, we learn that the major Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) provider Coursera has begun testing on how to increase engagement with its students. The company is examining its messaging to students to see if, for example, telling them they have an upcoming deadline is more effective than periodic encouragement. ... Read More »

Udacity’s MOOCs Facing Pushback – From Its Own Founder

Future transportation: Sebastian Thrun

It recently came out that, from an educational standpoint, Udacity founder Sebastian Thrun wasn’t satisfied with his own product. The professor-turned-entrepreneur-turned-CEO is known for single-handedly starting the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) revolution, which held the promise of bringing world-class education to all corners of the world. He’s now begun to shift his company’s path toward more workplace-aimed training. “I’d ... Read More »

What’s missing from a lot of online education? The education.


For years we’ve heard about the capacity of online learning to level the playing field, reduce costs and give people around the world access to a top-notch education. But somehow the technology—and our seemingly endless need to turn everything into a vehicle for celebrities or celebrity-making—has gotten in the way of the most important thing: the learning itself. Sample just ... Read More »

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