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Higher Education Blends Longevity with Responsiveness—featuring Kevin Currie, Executive Director, Northeastern University Online (Evolllution – June 2013)

MOOC Skeptics at the Top (Inside Higher Ed – May 2013)

International Students Increasingly Ask: Is It Safe to Study in the U.S.? (Chronicle of Higher Education – April 2013)

Grad School May Not Be The Best Way to Spend $100,000 (Harvard Business Review – April 2013)

California Universities Aggressively Expand Online Courses, Finds Failure Rates Drop (Tech Crunch – April 2013)

MOOCs of Hazard: Will online education dampen the college experience? Yes. Will it be worth it? Well…(New Republic – March 2013)

72% Of Professors Who Teach Online Courses Don’t Think Their Students Deserve Credit (Tech Crunch – March 2013)

How Web-Savvy Edupunks Are Transforming American Higher Education (Fast Company – Sept 2009)


Military service no barrier to a master’s for this Navy man

Thomas Saenz

Check out this great story about Navy pilot Tomas Saenz, who got a master’s degree in engineering while he was at war in Afghanistan. Talk about a military member with a commitment to education. Saenz is part of a growing population of military veterans returning from war (or in this case, still being at war) and getting advanced degrees to ... Read More »

5 Degrees Great for Online Study


In this Yahoo! Education story, Dee Masiello, Northeastern CPS’s assistant dean of academic and faculty affairs, shares her thoughts on five degrees that are well suited for online study. What are they? Accounting Computer Science Business Administration Graphic Design Master’s in Business Administration Of course these five are far from the only ones that lend themselves well to a online ... Read More »

HuffPost Live gets in on the MOOC action


Last Friday HuffPost Live hosted a Google Hangout about MOOCs and the decision by Amherst College not to join edX. Amherst President Biddy Martin was part of the disucssion, saying, “The faculty isn’t yet certain that it’s the right moment to get involved in any of the particular firms that are out there. That doesn’t mean the faculty isn’t interested ... Read More »

Sen. Warren’s first bill aims to tackle student loan debt

My Approved Portraits

The first bill that Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren introduced aims to “stave off an automatic hike in student loan interest rates” with the goal of reducing the crushing burden of loan debt on college students and graduates. This article looks at student loan debt from a variety of perspectives, including Senator Warren’s, who says, “If the Federal Reserve can ... Read More »

Is Higher Education Pricing Itself Out of its Own Market?


Jeff Selingo, editor-at-large of the Chronicle of Higher Education, has just come out with a new book, College (Un)Bound: The Future of Higher Education and What It Means for Students. In a recent NPR interview, he discussed the rising costs entailed in enticing students; gourmet dining halls, luxury dorms with en-suite kitchens, and leisure-time attractions like climbing walls—everything short of ... Read More »

Chronicle survey: MOOCs: sizzle, steak or both?


Last month, a Tech Crunch article trumpeted a Chronicle of Higher Education survey that found 72% Of Professors Who Teach Online Courses Don’t Think Their Students Deserve Credit. It was a compelling story—and one that drew lots of social sharing and dire predictions about the imminent death of MOOCs. But digging a little bit deeper, the story is more nuanced (isn’t ... Read More »

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