Graduate Students Serve as Consultants to Italian Industries

Graduate Students Serve as Consultants to Italian Industries

Note to readers: This is a the first of a series of blog posts

Day 1

How do Italian firms incorporate the challenge of sustainability in businesses with both a global and local outlook? Nineteen Northeastern University students from an online course in the Master’s in Global Studies and International Relations program are combining a study-abroad trip and an international consultancy as they seek answers to that question.

These graduate students are participating this week in the College of Professional Studies’ international field study experience in Tuscany, Italy, a capstone course that seeks to incorporate and unify concepts learned in earlier coursework. This applied experiential component places students in diverse sectors of the Italian economy such as energy, education, agriculture, and tourism. The students hail from eight countries and five states. They bring a diverse and highly international perspective.

We invite you to follow their consultancy experiences this week as they move, sector by sector, to apply their knowledge to real-world problems for companies grappling with sustainability, Italian style.

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