In Search of Employability: Curricula of the Future, Meet Business


You hear the word “employability” everywhere you go these days, which is no surprise when domestic and international unemployment rates are what they are. Inevitably, the discussion about workers’ readiness for real and beneficial work inevitably turns to the relationship between education and economic development. And although this relationship gets periodically debated, most of the developed and developing world has ... Read More »

What Makes a Modern Leader?

Karen Kaplan speaks at Northeastern University College of Professional Studies Spring 2013 Graduation

It’s that time of year again—the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and people are dressing up to sit outside and watch their friends and family receive hard-won and well-earned diplomas. For this year’s CPS commencement ceremonies, the keynote speaker was Karen Kaplan, CEO of the Hill Holliday advertising agency. Ms. Kaplan’s speech posed the question, “What makes a ... Read More »

College at any price? Online education: opportunities and roadblocks


It’s the best of times and the worst of times to be a student. On the one hand, technological advances have made online education more accessible and credible. Along with MOOCs, this represents a huge step forward in making higher education available and affordable to an exponentially wider student base than its traditional counterparts. On the other hand, those traditional ... Read More »

What Motivates Higher Education Faculty to Teach Online?

Michael Hoffman graduation spring 2013

What motivates higher education faculty members to teach online courses? This has been an interest of mine for a number of years, and is particularly salient given my own institution’s decision to launch a fully online Masters in Strategic Leadership. In fact, this topic interested me so much that I decided to make it the basis for my dissertation, which I recently ... Read More »

Vermont and Hawaii Wade Into GMO Debate


In some tenuous but bold steps, Vermont and Hawaii have been working legislation through their state houses that would require the labeling of foods containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Long a source of controversy, GMOs are animals and plants (mainly fruits and vegetables) grown using bio-technological gene splicing. GMO strains of popular produce items are often developed to bolster crop ... Read More »

Higher Ed ROI—when the “I” is Actually “You”


Higher ed ROI has been in the news a lot lately, including when former Secretary of Education Bill Bennett made news by proclaiming that only a fraction of American colleges measured up to their price tags. But the problem isn’t necessarily the quality of the education. The problem, Bennett says, is people going to second-tier schools, majoring in less-marketable liberal ... Read More »

A journey from “dirt poor” to a master’s degree


Pauline Demetrius, 46, grew up on the northern coast of South America, in a remote area in the Guyana countryside. She spent her formative years in a house with her mother, sisters and an abusive alcoholic father who regularly told her that education wasn’t for girls. “We were supposed to stay at home and cook and wash the dishes,” she ... Read More »

MOOCs and free online education for all: a crucial crossroads


Daphne Koller makes a compelling case that her company Coursera (which partners with universities to offer free online courses open to anyone) and its massive open online course (MOOC) counterparts have the potential to transform lives. During a recent presentation at Northeastern University, Koller shared rich anecdotes about learners who live far from their U.S.-based courses of study who have ... Read More »

Jason Collins comes out. A conversation, long overdue, begins


There are moments that shape us. Indelible in their mark, perhaps mostly because they juxtapose all the greatness and fallibility inherent in the human condition. We are a work in progress, a collective community, driven by division, in a journey better served by the celebration of inclusion. There are heroes among us that engage us in a conversation to be ... Read More »

World Bank needs global grads


The following blog post originally appeared in the Global Business Hub section of It was written by Mary Thompson-Jones, faculty director for Northeastern University College of Professional Studies’ Global Studies and International Affairs program and a former State Department official. If he’s smart, World Bank President Jim Yong Kim will not only speak to the 111th Northeastern University graduating ... Read More »

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