5 Ways to Improve Your Risk Management Strategy

Improve Your Risk Management Strategy

All of us—whether we’re a governmental agency, a large corporate business, or small nonprofit—need to understand the importance of a robust risk management strategy that prepares you for how to handle uncertainties and problems. In Homeland Security, risk management is the key factor in how we make our decisions. What steps can you take to better your own strategy? 1. ... Read More »

5 In-Demand Careers in Geographic Information Technology


There has been an explosion of digital information: An incredible 90 percent of the data available in the world today has been created in the past two years. The growing number of ways that we can use Geographic Information Technology (GIT) to maximize this data has led the U.S. Department of Labor to predict that thousands of new GIT-related jobs will open up by ... Read More »

4 Ways Professional Degrees are Innovating


Almost 100 years ago, the demand for secondary-level education massively increased because new well-paying jobs required workers with higher levels of technological, written, and quantitative skills. Meeting this demand played a critical role in America’s 20-century economic success. Here we are a century later, experiencing a similar phenomenon—but at the graduate level. The educational innovation taking place around forming and ... Read More »

3 Leadership Skills the Pros Use to Influence Others

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As both an individual leader and as a manager, the ability to influence others is key in achieving goals, avoiding dysfunctional conflict, and creating a collaborative environment. What makes the best influencers successful is the ability to listen and observe other people. If you listen closely, you’ll hear which tactics will be most effective in winning trust and confidence. It’s ... Read More »

Graduation: 3 Ways to Turn a New Degree into a New Opportunity


To the new graduates, congratulations! Take a deep breath and relish your achievement. Enjoy your success. It’s a major accomplishment, and kudos to you from your family, friends and colleagues. Hopefully this isn’t the first time you’ve considered what’s coming after graduation. You chose a degree program based on the current outlook in your industry, you did the research to ... Read More »

3 Ways Ethics Can Influence Criminal Justice


It’s fascinating to think about why ethical considerations are relevant to the criminal justice field to begin with. Is it about discretion? Due process? Use of force? Are we talking about how morality influences what people do and how they act? Ethics are the foundation of the criminal justice system: It’s what helped us develop the moral reasoning we use, how we ... Read More »

What Can You Do with a Degree in Game Design?


Game design is a broad field. Whether you’re interested in creative, graphics, data or programming, there’s a lot you can do with a degree in game design. Each part of designing a game calls for a highly specialized skill set. And the $13.2 billion market is growing, projected to reach $22 billion by 2015, according to Gartner, Inc. Of that ... Read More »

Business vs. Higher Education: The Conundrum We Must Solve

If there was any question about the disengagement between business and higher education – and the critical need for better alignment – the poll, “Innovative Imperative: Enhancing the Talent Pipeline” recently released by Northeastern University confirms it. Employers must have the workforce necessary for continued growth and success and employees must have advancement and careers that are meaningful and financially ... Read More »

3 Ways to Prevent Crime with Technology


We hear a lot these days about the latest technological crime – data hacking, trojan viruses, and more. With threats to our online security every day, it can make it hard for us to trust technology.  But just as technology can be used to conduct crime, it can also be used to stop it, and even prevent it from happening. ... Read More »

How to Build Your Own Interactive Content for the Classroom


If your courses include any sort of online components, whether it’s a full-blown online course or a a small-time discussion board, you’ll need to learn to create interactive content to keep your students learning when you’re not in a physical classroom. The most traditional choice for teachers is are Learning Management System (LMS), but there are also other online tools. Let’s ... Read More »

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