Part Online, Part On-Campus: 5 Reasons to Consider Hybrid Learning


You want the real, live interaction and feeling of community that come with in-person classes. But you also like the flexibility of online learning. It’s a common conundrum, and one that’s led to the rise in popularity of another format: the hybrid course, which is sometimes called “blended” learning. Here, some of the classroom time is replaced by online components. Many of ... Read More »

4 Ways Multitasking Decreases Productivity (And How to Avoid It)


As a faculty member in Project Management at Northeastern University, I often cover multitasking in my lectures. People think it’s a great idea, and even go so far as to brag about it in their resumes and in interviews. Newsflash: Multitasking is probably productivity’s biggest enemy. It doesn’t make us more efficient. It simply splits our time. Here’s why it’s a bad idea. ... Read More »

Veterans are Attending College, But Are They Graduating? New Study Says Yes

US Army Major Eric Dinoto

According to a report released this week, more than half of the veterans who got money for college under the GI Bill from 2002 through 2013 graduated—51.7 percent of student veterans earned their degree or certificate. The study, which was conducted by the advocacy group Student Veterans of America (SVA), is the most comprehensive study to date— drawing on almost ... Read More »

3 Ways to Get the Most Out of an Online Class


Although you’ll get the same education whether you take your courses online or in person, the skills you need to be successful at online learning differ a bit from what you need to excel in the classroom. Fear not: There are 3 areas that with a little improvement, you can make a big difference in your online courses.   1. ... Read More »

4 Ways Video Games are Improving Scientific Research


Games are a growing part of our lives, and in more ways than you might think. Thanks to our mobile devices, we can always kill that few minutes’ wait for a train with a game of Bad Apples. With services like Beeminder we can gamify our day-to-day tasks by betting money on whether we’ll complete them. And with the availability of free educational ... Read More »

Will Innovation Shake Up Higher Education?


Should higher education be free? Can students learn without the direct assistance of faculty? What’s the most effective model of assessment? These kinds of questions are central to innovation in higher education, a topic in the news this week with the announcement of  a new higher education innovation program at Arizona State University and Georgetown University. Set to launch this fall, the “Institute ... Read More »

5 Ways a Professional Doctorate Degree Could Benefit Your Career


A doctorate degree is the highest degree you can obtain in the United States. The most common forms are: Research (Ph. D.) programs Professional doctorates You might be familiar with a Ph. D., an academic, research-based degree where your main goal is to develop advanced research skills and to create new knowledge to share with others. A professional doctorate is focused on advanced ... Read More »

5 Ways Ethics Can Clear Your Organization’s Consicence


Recently, I surveyed 485 professional project managers—a sizable group. A whopping 43 percent reported that they had faced an ethically challenging situation at work on a monthly basis. Meanwhile, 57 percent reported that they were ethically challenged a few times per year. These managers felt pressured to make a decision that violated their ethical values or the values of their ... Read More »

5 Ways to Improve Your Organization’s Blog


Company blogs can be an effective way to humanize a brand and an organization. Blogs offer a chance to depart from the dreaded “corporate speak” of many traditional web site pages, so employees and stakeholders tend to get inspired to set up a blog. And doing so is easier than ever, thanks to increasingly versatile templates. But keeping a blog ... Read More »

4 Takeaways from the 2014 SXSWedu Conference


By: Peter Stokes and Kevin Bell The first thing you must know before setting out for SXSWedu is that the sun will come out and the air will warm only as you step into the cab to begin your journey back home. The second thing you should know is that SXSWedu is a sprawling affair, with thousands of attendees, dozens of ... Read More »

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