How Much More Money You’ll Make Going to Grad School

How Much More Money You’ll Make Going to Grad School

Want to go to grad school?  Here’s how much more money you’ll make.

Some people like to argue that getting a master’s degree is a huge waste of time. However, those who subscribe to this mentality are perpetuating a boldfaced lie. Getting your master’s degree is actually a good idea when it comes to increasing your earning potential.

If you want to make more money annually then you absolutely should be looking into graduate programs or even doctoral programs. Earning higher and higher degrees will poise you to make some serious cash in the long term. On average those with a those with masters earn an average salary of $69,200 while those with a bachelor’s degree earn around $65,300. There are studies that even show that those with doctoral or professional degrees can expect to earn at least $30,000 more than either, and can even expect to earn $98,900 a year.

Some studies actually show that those with a masters can expect to earn $17,000 more than your average bachelor degree holder. Impressive, right?

There are some degrees where it is increasingly important to get a graduate degree if you want to earn a decent amount of money.

Management is one of those fields. Management is not as cushy as a field as it comes off as. Managing companies which compound a lot of money takes some serious work. Those who graduate with a master’s in some sort of management can expect to make exponentially more money than a bachelor’s degree holder and can expect more opportunities for upward mobility.

Similarly, with design, getting a higher degree in the field will benefit you long term. While a lot of people credit creativity to be more of a natural talent than a skill that can be taught, they’re wrong. A lot of the skill that designers are capable can not only be coached but taught.

Designers are basically pumped out of art schools all the time. It shows a true dedication to the art and trade to turn around and walk right back into that university to get a higher degree. These designers are not only more skilled but are more easily trusted by their superiors to make important creative decisions.

Another creative field that often requires a little more schooling is film. Yes, film school seems like a pretentious and useless enough major. However, those who attend school for both a graduate degree and a master’s degree in film tend to make an upwards of $30,000 more annually than their graduate degree holding competitors.

Again, while this is an artistic field, there are some aspects of the art you need to learn and that very few – if any people – are naturally born understanding.

When it comes to software engineering you can expect to never stop learning. You will be always picking up those hideous yellow volumes trying to desperately learn the next update to whatever programming language. So why not do an extra few years at school. It only makes sense.

Technology develops so quickly now that if you don’t have a master’s in computer engineering you are going to be left in the dust.

Check out the video below for more reasons on why you should go to grad school!