Higher Education

Top 5 Schools for Higher Education

1. University of Michigan

If you want to still feel a part of a college with a rich history and an even richer, fiercer passion for sports then the University of Michigan might be the best choice for you. This school is in Ann Arbor and boasts one of the best football programs in the country as well as one of the most gorgeous campuses.

If you choose to attend this university for grad school you will be immersing yourself in both beauty and SPORTS.

2. University of Pennsylvania

Again, if you want to go to school on a campus that could potentially put Hogwarts to shame, this East Coast university should be on the top of your list. One of the crown jewls is their library. With its dome ceiling and impeccable hardwood interior, it is the perfect place to get some studying done.

Penn has a great campus and is situated close to a fun area of the surrounding city.

3. Michigan State University

Again, if you’re looking for a university that prides itself on its sporting programs as well as being located in Michigan this university should be on your list of grad schools.

When going to this university you won’t have to lose out on all the tailgating you enjoyed in your undergraduate career.

In addition to having some amazing sports programs, their nursing and medical programs are similarly stellar.

4. Vanderbilt University (Peabody)

If you are looking to enter into a career in education or child development, I highly recommend this college. Their graduate degree programs center around the world of education, children, and diversity.

Located in Nashville, Tennessee you will be both impressed by their degree programs and their campus – which features gorgeous classical revival architecture.

5. Pennsylvania State University – University Park

If you want to go too one of the best research based institutions then I highly recommend looking into this university. They don’t have a specific focus when it comes to what field their graduate programs range in; they have graduate programs in everything from plain old biology to new and interesting Majors like bioethics and BioRenewable Systems.

This university is one of the best and should definitely be looked into by anyone looking to further their higher education beyond an undergraduate degree.

6. University of Southern California

This university is one of the most prestigious in California, which boasts two of the best public schooling systems for higher education.

University of Southern California is one of the biggest sports schools in the state – and that’s saying a lot since this state is very big on their sports teams.

This university offers multiple master’s degrees in every single one of their colleges and is all about promoting both sports and the arts.

7. Purdue University

This university is one of the bigger university systems. On the main campus located in West Lafayette, Indiana a wealth of graduate majors are offered. Additionally they offere interdisciplinary majors, which means you can get a more nuanced education through these programs.