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Joanne F. Goldstein, former Secretary of the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, serves as Associate Vice President of Workforce Development and Employer Engagement in the College of Professional Studies. She leads workforce development, with a specific focus on integrating workforce needs into academic programs at the College.

Essential Knowledge and Skills for Nonprofit Management


I am excited to report on the first seminar of our newly launched Nonprofit Seminar Series, which is a yearlong program sponsored by the College of Professional Studies of Northeastern University for employees of nonprofit organizations. On September 29 at our Broad Street Executive Education location in Boston’s financial district, Dr. Heidi Gregory-Mina, a faculty member in the Nonprofit Management graduate ... Read More »

3 Reasons Successful People Decide to Go Back to School


Why would someone who is already successful in the workplace decide to go back to school? The answer is: Opportunity. Successful people are adept at seeing opportunities and recognizing what it takes to advance their careers. There are always points in your career when you want to move forward, whether that’s working towards a promotion, staying competitive in your field, ... Read More »

3 Ways Higher Education Can Help You Change Careers


Previous generations went to work each day, assuming they would stay with their current employer for their entire career and then retire. Over the last few decades, there’s been a steady change in this dynamic; most employees no longer spend their careers at one employer or even in one sector. The workforce is currently more mobile, and people change positions more ... Read More »

Graduation: 3 Ways to Turn a New Degree into a New Opportunity


To the new graduates, congratulations! Take a deep breath and relish your achievement. Enjoy your success. It’s a major accomplishment, and kudos to you from your family, friends and colleagues. Hopefully this isn’t the first time you’ve considered what’s coming after graduation. You chose a degree program based on the current outlook in your industry, you did the research to ... Read More »

Business vs. Higher Education: The Conundrum We Must Solve

If there was any question about the disengagement between business and higher education – and the critical need for better alignment – the poll, “Innovative Imperative: Enhancing the Talent Pipeline” recently released by Northeastern University confirms it. Employers must have the workforce necessary for continued growth and success and employees must have advancement and careers that are meaningful and financially ... Read More »

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