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The New Yorker Meets MOOCs

Leo Espinosa illus

Looking for a good long read this weekend? This New Yorker article fits the bill. Written by Nathan Heller, the piece introduces readers to the concept of MOOCs, particularly as they relate to storied educational institutions such as Harvard, Stanford and MIT. Regular readers of Aspire will find a number of familiar references (Amherst, San Jose State, edX and more), but as ... Read More »

“Safety School” Gets a Whole New Meaning for International Students


In a recent Chronicle of Higher Education article, author Karin Fischer discussed the concerns that international students and their parents have about safety as they consider attending schools in the United States. These worries are particularly relevant in Boston because one of the three casualties of the April 15 Boston Marathon bombings was Lingzi Lu, a Boston University graduate student ... Read More »

More adults are returning to college, are you one of them?


Based on data collected from USA Today, the U.S. Census Bureau and the State Higher Education Executive Officers Association, more adults are returning to college to obtain advanced degrees and are earning more than their bachelor’s degree counterparts. By 2025, employers are expected to need 23 million more college graduates than the nation’s colleges and universities will have conferred at ... Read More »

Promise and Pitfall: Going All-In on Coursera


Inside Higher Ed technology reporter Ry Rivard’s recent in-depth post covers the process and challenges numerous state universities are experiencing as they incorporate Coursera online materials into their curricula. Rivard outlines a number of ways that schools may implement these tools; a synopsis of these, drawn from his post, indicates an intriguing range of opportunities: Some university officials say they ... Read More »

Master’s Degrees: Moving on Up


Nick Anderson, a higher ed writer at the Washington Post, has posted a pair of articles focusing on an uptick in the granting of Master’s degrees by schools across the country, and at Northeastern University in particular. His May 25 piece, “Master’s degree programs surge at nation’s colleges and universities,” attributes this rise to “a surge in demand for advanced ... Read More »

Warning: Innovation Ahead


Peter Stokes, Vice President for Global Strategy and Business Development for Northeastern University, broaches an intriguing question in his recent post at Inside Higher Ed: Is innovation just another word for anxiety? Stokes sets this premise in the context of visits to numerous conferences, gatherings and keynote lectures, all of which, he recounts, “have featured liberal use of the word ‘innovation.’ ... Read More »

How should universities support military students and veterans?

Photo by Mary Knox Merrill.

Due in part to the Post-9/11 GI Bill—which offers expanded benefits to military students, including those interested in online learning—there are more current and former military members looking to get higher education degrees and prepare themselves for a job market that often doesn’t know how to take advantage of their unique skill sets. This brings up the questions: What is ... Read More »

“Justice” for All? The State (Philosophy Dept.) vs. MOOCs


In a recent Aspire post (College at any Price?), we referenced Sophie Quinton’s article on San Jose State’s financially-motivated adoption of online education tools. But the story doesn’t end there; on the heels of that article came one in the New York Times, in which a contrasting viewpoint is expressed by members of the school’s faculty. The focal point of the debate ... Read More »

Blending On-Site and Online Education

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While debates over the merits and deficits over online education continue, an intriguing middle ground is taking shape. A recent Boston Globe article presents the stories of a handful of students whose paths toward their degrees incorporate contemporary and traditional components, combining online and in-person elements for a multi-faceted learning experience that seems likely to become more and more part of the ... Read More »

New markets, new fields, new jobs.

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This Sunday’s Boston Globe featured an article by Jay Fitzgerald about expanding areas of business in the local job market and the channels of education that are emerging. Fitzgerald’s piece touched on a range of dynamic growth industries, such as health care, cyber security, gaming development, regulatory issues and project management—many of which are represented at CPS; for example, he points ... Read More »

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