After the Ballet: An Education

After the Ballet: An Education

The Boston Globe on Sunday highlighted a unique partnership between Northeastern University College of Professional Studies (CPS) and Boston Ballet that helps dancers prepare themselves for their post-dancing careers—careers that end all too soon, given the rigors and challenges of professional dancing.

The partnership provides flexible and customized opportunities for dancers to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees and take advantage of experiential learning programs, including the renowned Northeastern co-op model. It also capitalizes on Northeastern leadership in developing hybrid, flexible degree programs designed to meet the individual needs and interests of talented professionals.

In the Globe article, Jack Meyer, board chairman of the Boston Ballet, comments on the discrepancy between what’s expected of ballet dancers and what’s given in return. “I didn’t think it was too fair what we were doing to these dancers,” he says. “We enjoy watching them. They should be able to lead full lives.”

The new program has been built to conform to the dancers’ rigorous schedules and help them earn the credentials they’ll need to move forward in new careers once their performing days have come to an end.

Check out this great video, which shows Boston Ballet dancers in action and shares one dancer’s story.

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