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Higher Education Blends Longevity with Responsiveness—featuring Kevin Currie, Executive Director, Northeastern University Online (Evolllution – June 2013)

MOOC Skeptics at the Top (Inside Higher Ed – May 2013)

International Students Increasingly Ask: Is It Safe to Study in the U.S.? (Chronicle of Higher Education – April 2013)

Grad School May Not Be The Best Way to Spend $100,000 (Harvard Business Review – April 2013)

California Universities Aggressively Expand Online Courses, Finds Failure Rates Drop (Tech Crunch – April 2013)

MOOCs of Hazard: Will online education dampen the college experience? Yes. Will it be worth it? Well…(New Republic – March 2013)

72% Of Professors Who Teach Online Courses Don’t Think Their Students Deserve Credit (Tech Crunch – March 2013)

How Web-Savvy Edupunks Are Transforming American Higher Education (Fast Company – Sept 2009)


From Education to Employment

Peter Stokes

Today’s Inside Higher Ed post by NU VP of global strategy and business development, Peter Stokes, touches on some topics we’ve been discussing recently at Aspire, such as the importance of widening the scope of experiential learning (and how it’s happening at NU) and the merit in incorporating employer needs (and input) into the development of academic curricula. Stokes states ... Read More »

A Fact-Finding Mission

ed data report cover

In a recent post at The Hill, top-level college administrators Bruce Leslie, Ed Klonoski, Patricia A. Ladewig, Scott Kinney and Thomas Babel describe the need to “build a holistic system of metrics around the issues that matter the most for student success,” in order to better equip legislators to make decisions and develop policy regarding education. The group represents schools ... Read More »

The AI TA: Udacity’s Plans for Artificial Intelligence and Online Ed


  Sebastian Thrun, the co-founder and CEO of online education provider Udacity, recently granted an interview to MIT’s Technology Review, in which he addressed, among other things, the recent hubbub at San Jose State (which we also touched on here). Thrun also made some pretty intriguing observations—among them were the possibility that, within a year, artificial intelligence (AI) technology might ... Read More »

TED Talks about Education


The folks at Educational Technology and Mobile Learning have posted TED Talks’ recent list of education-related presentations, to commemorate Education Week. From teacher Dan Meyer’s observation that “Math class needs a makeover” to Bennington College president Liz Coleman’s contention that “modern liberal arts education pushes students towards a single discipline with an exclusive viewpoint with an aversion to social values,” ... Read More »

Online Degrees Make for Strong Employees


The Corporate Learning Network is an online community designed to supply training executives with contemporary knowledge and skills. Dr. Joshua Kim, director of Learning and Technology for the Master of Health Care Delivery Science program at Dartmouth College, has written an article for the Network on why online ed grads make great hires. He won’t get an argument here; we’re ... Read More »

Blackboard Steps Up to the MOOC Platform


At its Blackboard World event in Las Vegas this week, course-management software company Blackboard—whose products drive numerous online and on-site education platforms—revealed plans to launch its own MOOC platform. The new platform will be free to use for existing Blackboard customers, but, according to this article by Jeffrey R. Young, at the Chronicle of Higher Ed, “there might be a fee if ... Read More »

Back to School

USNR compass logo

A new article by Allie Bidwell at US News & World Report digs into concerns over a massive, education-based employability shortfall less than 10 years from now: As the economy continues to slowly recover and millions of job openings are expected to appear over the next decade, there is a growing call for more educated workers to fill those positions. But the current ... Read More »

Online Education: Who, Where and What


Here’s an interesting fistful of facts from a marketing firm (for the record: no connection to the College of Professional Studies) about who is enrolling in online ed programs (and where, and what kind). One very interesting finding: “Most online students enroll in institutions that have a campus/facility within 100 miles of their home.” Looks like “distance learning” might actually be relatively ... Read More »

Are You Gonna Eat That?


For some unsettling information on ingredients in your food that have been deemed verboten by other countries, check out this MSN Healthy Living slideshow, 10 things Americans eat that are banned elsewhere. (And if you missed our post about some of the changes in the landscape of the GMO debate, it’s right here.) We’d like to hope that future Master of Science in ... Read More »

Aaron Hernandez: Why—and What Next?


In this relatively brief take on the recent events involving the (now former) Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, NECN’s Greg Wayland gets Dan Lebowitz, executive director of the Center for the Study of Sport in Society at Northeastern, to comment on some possible causes and effects of the Hernandez case. You know, we live in a culture that sort of glorifies violence in many ... Read More »

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