5 Ways a University Partnership Can Benefit Your Company

5 Ways a University Partnership Can Benefit Your Company

As an employer, there is nothing more valuable than a workforce of highly educated and innovative employees who know the state of their art.

And as an employee, there is nothing better than knowing your employer cares about your professional development.

Where those two interests align is where university partnerships are born. Companies and organizations can reap great benefits by partnering with like-missioned educational institutions, which have much to offer in professional development, industry innovation, and competitive advantage.

Here are five essential ways partnering with a university can benefit your company:

1. Employee recruitment

Employees are attracted to companies that formally offer a chance to continue their education while they work in their current positions. For many, it’s an opportunity and a perk to earn academic credits or a degree to enhance knowledge and credentials without having to leave the workforce. Depending on the terms of the partnership, employees may even have the potential to earn academic course credit for work performed on the job.

2. Professional development

Many universities already offer, or have the resources to offer, programming and courses tailored to your organization’s professional development requirements and goals, expertise, and facilities. Instead of reinventing the wheel, partnership programs can provide everything from leadership and guidance to professional development strategies to course administration. Likewise, such partnerships can enhance existing training and professional development programs to be more academically rigorous.

3. Meet industry needs with innovative practices

When employees enroll in university courses, employers reap the benefits of having a direct pipeline into a hot-bed of thought leadership, up-to-date knowledge, and new ideas. Plus, courses are often designed to teach students skills in class that they can put into practice at work, an immediate benefit for the company. Engaging and relevant courses that are directly applicable to the job keep employees, thus the company, connected to the latest industry trends and information.

4. Creating an internal culture of support

The best organizations know the importance of company culture. A university partnership demonstrates an outward and measurable commitment to a company’s culture of active investment in its employees. When employees feel that employers are actively investing in them, it creates the reciprocal benefit of employee satisfaction and retention.

5. Capitalize on resources

Universities have a wealth of resources. Partnering with educational institutions can provide access to these resources, including tuition discounts and scholarship benefits, as well as custom materials to help employers promote educational offerings to their employees.

What benefits has your company found in partnering with a university? Share in the comments. 

About Dave Czesniuk

Dave Czesniuk is Assistant Dean of Partnerships and Alliances at Northeastern University College of Professional Studies. He works to design new, innovative frameworks for educational partnerships and establishing new relationships and programming on behalf of the university. He is an expert in leadership, change management, and business development.


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