Global Studies Perspectives: Putin on the Wrong Side of History


If there is one sentence that rings true in all the coverage of Ukraine, it is President Obama’s statement that Russia’s President Putin is on the wrong side of history. The ostensible reason for the Russian invasion – there can be no other term – is to rescue ethnic Russians who have lived in Ukraine for generations. Europe’s Invasive History ... Read More »

3 Ways Academic E-Portfolios Benefit You in the Workplace


Not long ago, e-portfolios were seen as tools for established professionals trying to climb the career ladder. But the tides seem to be changing. E-Portfolios are now a big topic in curriculum redesign, with a forum at the Association of American Colleges and Universities’ most recent meeting and a global session at the Sloan Consortium International Conference on Online learning (led by presenter Gail Matthews-DeNatale, PhD, ... Read More »

Skills Gap: Do Students Graduate Ready for the Workforce?

Skills Gap

Do students graduate college ready for the workforce? The answer depends who you talk to. A difference in opinion According to a new Gallup poll, 11 percent of business leaders indicated that college graduates have the skills they need in the workplace. That leaves a whopping 89 percent who feel there’s a divide between what students learn in college and ... Read More »

5 Ways a Master’s Degree Can Help You Get Ahead


In today’s competitive job market, specialized knowledge and skills are at a premium—the more you know and the more you can do, the more attractive you are to an employer. You’ve already made the time and financial investment into a bachelor’s degree. But you’d like to build on that knowledge and specialize in a related field. Or, maybe you want ... Read More »

The Key to Staying Competitive in Continuing Education? Online Programs

365 Days Later, the Year of the MOOC is the Year of the Backlash?

Note: This column first appeared on The Evolllution. Distance learning has come to the forefront of public and higher education lately with the emergence of MOOCs (massive open online courses) and the participation of institutions such as Harvard, Stanford, MIT, and others. This has not only brought the world’s attention to online courses and their ability to reach many more ... Read More »

Could Online Learning Put an End to Snow Days?


For those of us who live in the Northeast — or more recently, the South — it might still be a sensitive subject, especially with several feet of snow still littering the sidewalks. But with all that snow comes much chagrin on the part of administrators: class and school cancellations. There’s a growing debate among educators about the role that ... Read More »

Why Your Habits Matter More Than Your Academic Skills


Sean O’Connell works in Northeastern’s Foundation Year program, which aims to increase college retention and graduation rates among Boston high school graduates. Northeastern created its Northeastern Foundation Year program after learning some startling statistics. Our Center for Labor Market Studies’ seven-year study found that among students who graduated from Boston Public Schools in the year 2000 and entered college immediately ... Read More »

3 Leadership Lessons from Winning Olympians


We think of the Olympics as one of our greatest opportunities to see the top athletes perform on the world’s biggest stage. But even if you tune in to every minute of the Olympic games, you only see a small piece of the picture. What about all the months, weeks, and hours these athletes, teams and coaches spend preparing? How ... Read More »

Digital Media’s Role in Education Takes a Leap Forward

Graduate certificates offer the opportunity to get a recognized credential in a wide variety of fields.

With each new school year, technology becomes more central in modern education. That trend took another step forward with the recent pairing of one of America’s leading textbook publishers and a popular web learning platform. Google Play for Education Just last week, publishing house Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) announced they’ve teamed up with Google Play for Education, a popular program ... Read More »

5 Leadership Skills We Can Learn from 5 Great NFL Coaches


What can leaders learn from the world’s best NFL coaches? Charged with everything from building a team from the ground up to managing strong personalities, there’s a lot to learn from star NFL coaches. These are the leaders who make their living forming a team of people to not only accomplish a difficult goal like winning a championship, but to help ... Read More »

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