Students Explore Sustainability through Italian Agriculture

Students Explore Sustainability through Italian Agriculture

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Day 3


Students make fresh pasta in the kitchen of Chef Christina Bussoti.

Northeastern University College of Professional Studies students focused on Italy’s approach to the agri-industry by seeing that in Tuscany, all food is local. Chef Christina Bussoti walked students through her organic garden where they harvested tomatoes and other vegetables en route to the next stop – her kitchen. There, she discussed the Italian origins of the Slow Food movement, its philosophy and goals, and how it builds on values that are central to Italian culture.

All this background was essential information for the agricultural consulting team, who applied their knowledge when they met with executives at Salcheto wineries to advise on the company’s plans to market its sustainably produced wine in the United States.

The students are one of four teams who participated in the College’s International Field Study experience, led by Dr. Marissa Lombardi.

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