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Grad School: Why Enroll and What to Watch Out For


Students share their experience Making the decision to pursue a graduate degree isn’t easy—nor should it be. The investment is as much emotional as it is financial and will affect the next two to three years of your life. “You need to make it work for you,” said Iona Tice, a Master of Public Administration candidate, on Saturday, March 14, ... Read More »

5 Skills from Online Learning That Translate to the Workplace


As a graduate instructor who teaches primarily online, I hear a lot of people say they choose to learn online because it’s what best fits with their own schedule. But I also see the many benefits of online learning as directly translatable to the skills you need to excel in the workforce. I find it especially important for professors, students ... Read More »

5 Ways to Use Your Internship to Network


Along with the many reasons to consider an internship as part of your undergraduate or graduate degree studies, one reason is the unparalleled opportunity to network with your co-workers, supervisor, and others at your company or organization. Whether you’re changing careers or looking to get ahead in your chosen field, it always helps to have a a few individuals who ... Read More »

The 4 Skills Employers Want to See in their Interns

Senior Situation 2012

When I’m helping my undergraduate and graduate students land an internship, I always emphasize identifying your best transferrable skills. Those skills could come from the academic world, from a previous employer or a different line of work. The place to start if you’re lacking specific technical experience – as many are when they try to change careers –  is with your ... Read More »

3 Reasons Successful People Decide to Go Back to School


Why would someone who is already successful in the workplace decide to go back to school? The answer is: Opportunity. Successful people are adept at seeing opportunities and recognizing what it takes to advance their careers. There are always points in your career when you want to move forward, whether that’s working towards a promotion, staying competitive in your field, ... Read More »

3 Takeaways from the Starbucks-Arizona State Partnership


As the Assistant Dean of Partnerships and Alliances at Northeastern University College of Professional Studies, I spend my days speaking with leaders in the workforce and finding ways to create partnerships between businesses and higher education institutions. I’ve found the most successful businesses know the value of developing a better-trained workforce, and the benefit of allowing their employees to learn ... Read More »

What I Learned by Interning at the United Nations


My first day interning at the United Nations in New York City was also my first day in New York City. It was both exciting and confusing. I got stuck on the wrong subway, was yelled at by a bus driver, felt a rush of energy when walking with the morning crowds in my business suit, and finally spent minutes ... Read More »

5 Ways Project Management Can Help your Organization Innovate


When I talk to students about the many ways that project management shapes how companies innovate, I like to draw a parallel to one of the most innovative entities that’s ever existed, Bell Laboratories, often referred to as “The Idea Factory.” Starting in the late 1800s, creative solutions to technological, communications, and even medical problems have poured out from the ... Read More »

5 Ways to Improve Your Risk Management Strategy

Improve Your Risk Management Strategy

All of us—whether we’re a governmental agency, a large corporate business, or small nonprofit—need to understand the importance of a robust risk management strategy that prepares you for how to handle uncertainties and problems. In Homeland Security, risk management is the key factor in how we make our decisions. What steps can you take to better your own strategy? 1. ... Read More »

3 Leadership Skills the Pros Use to Influence Others

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As both an individual leader and as a manager, the ability to influence others is key in achieving goals, avoiding dysfunctional conflict, and creating a collaborative environment. What makes the best influencers successful is the ability to listen and observe other people. If you listen closely, you’ll hear which tactics will be most effective in winning trust and confidence. It’s ... Read More »

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