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Higher Education Blends Longevity with Responsiveness—featuring Kevin Currie, Executive Director, Northeastern University Online (Evolllution – June 2013)

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California Universities Aggressively Expand Online Courses, Finds Failure Rates Drop (Tech Crunch – April 2013)

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New Online Course Platform Seeks to Tie in Job Skills


This week in higher education, we saw an announcement for a new online platform to help prospective online students search through available online course offerings from several of the largest online degree and MOOC providers. The idea is to create a new search platform for online course offerings, specifically the ones that tie into in-demand job skills for employers who ... Read More »

Facebook Launching Mobile Education Pilot Program in Africa

Mobile Education for Facebook

In such a short time, our mobile phones have gone from being, well, telephones, to becoming our on-the-go Internet browsers, music players, social connectors, video game portals, cameras, fitness trackers, email platforms and so much more. And is it now becoming a key component in student learning? Many colleges and universities are asking themselves this question and trying to understand ... Read More »

How Do You Like Your Classes, Scrambled or Flipped?

Some rights reserved by Skley

There’s a lot of people already on the “flipped classroom” bandwagon. For the uninitiated, the idea behind the flip teaching approach is that students do their course work—watching the professor deliver a lecture via video, doing research, writing, etc.—away from school, then come to the classroom for in-person discussion with teachers and classmates. But there’s a new movement in higher education hold off ... Read More »

Top Five Trends in Higher Education for 2014


Competency-based learning has been a recurring theme here at Aspire in 2013—and we’re not surprised to see that it’s one of the National Journal’s 5 Higher-Ed Trends for 2014, as outlined by NJ writer Sophie Quinton. Other trends Quinton predicts in the pipeline are skyrocketing student loan debt, teacher effectiveness and concerns regarding privacy and data security. It’s worth a moment ... Read More »

MOOCs Get LinkedIn to Employers

Young woman using laptop in a Cafe-905214

Struggling with low completion rates, some providers of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have launched a new strategy to increase student motivation. And it’s social. Social media platform LinkedIn announced this week it would begin a pilot program to allow students to display online courses they have completed on their LinkedIn profile. That way, students may be able to market themselves ... Read More »

Udacity’s MOOCs Facing Pushback – From Its Own Founder

Future transportation: Sebastian Thrun

It recently came out that, from an educational standpoint, Udacity founder Sebastian Thrun wasn’t satisfied with his own product. The professor-turned-entrepreneur-turned-CEO is known for single-handedly starting the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) revolution, which held the promise of bringing world-class education to all corners of the world. He’s now begun to shift his company’s path toward more workplace-aimed training. “I’d ... Read More »

Learning Through Experience: A New Surge in Competency-Based Education

Competency-based education. 

Some rights reserved by francisco_osorio

What if students were judged more on their skills than time they spent in the classroom? Competency-based education seeks to do just that. Although the idea has been around for several decades, new research emphasizing the importance of experiential learning in classroom-based and online courses are causing people to revisit the idea that mastering skills are more important than how long ... Read More »

In-Person ‘Learning Hubs’ On the Horizon for MOOCS

Copyright: All rights reserved by Cikgu Brian

Thanks to a new deal highlighted in the New York Times, the U.S. State Department has committed to a partnership with massive open online course (MOOC) provider Coursera to open in-person “learning hubs,” where students can access free MOOCs and meet with discussion groups. This is an interesting change in course for MOOCs, the entire premise of which is built on ... Read More »

Online Ed Provider Coursera Does the Math

Coursera Infographic

Coursera, one of the higher-profile names in online education, has produced an infographic that showcases some pretty diversely impressive stats. It makes a strong case for proof of concept, regarding online education in general—and as a success story for Coursera in particular. Some of the figures are pretty stunning (more than 5,500 cumulative years of video-hours watched?!), and others serve ... Read More »

WSJ on MOOCs: Expert Opinions


Earlier this week, The Experts blog at the Wall Street Journal tackled the topic of MOOCs. Their panel included professors from Harvard Business School, University of Chicago Booth School of Business and the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, as well as the dean of the BU School of Management, the president and CEO of Siemens USA and other similarly ... Read More »

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