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Higher Education Blends Longevity with Responsiveness—featuring Kevin Currie, Executive Director, Northeastern University Online (Evolllution – June 2013)

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California Universities Aggressively Expand Online Courses, Finds Failure Rates Drop (Tech Crunch – April 2013)

MOOCs of Hazard: Will online education dampen the college experience? Yes. Will it be worth it? Well…(New Republic – March 2013)

72% Of Professors Who Teach Online Courses Don’t Think Their Students Deserve Credit (Tech Crunch – March 2013)

How Web-Savvy Edupunks Are Transforming American Higher Education (Fast Company – Sept 2009)


Can flipped classrooms make community colleges more efficient?


According to Bill Gates, flipped classrooms—a model that swaps the way homework and classwork are traditionally done—that incorporate outsourced lectures could help community college students. The Chronicle of Higher Education reported that while speaking to community college leaders, the Microsoft giant also said that this model could make these schools function more efficiently. For more thoughts on this subject, check ... Read More »

Students of tomorrow


This Saturday, the Washington Post published an article focusing on the changing nature of the demographic makeup of today’s college student body. For starters, “the kids today” aren’t kids anymore: About 40 percent of all college students are older than 25, according to U.S. Education Department data. More than a third attend classes part-time. Nearly 20 percent work full-time. About ... Read More »

Infographic: How do online degrees measure up?


Drexel University Online published a fairly in-depth infographic that addresses the evolving status (and stature) of online education. It’s called How Do Employers View Online Degrees?; it collects data from a wide range of sources and presents an encouraging picture of the ways online degrees are perceived by business. Take a look at the Drexel site and see what you think—you ... Read More »

LinkedIn debuts University Pages

University Pages

This week, professional networking site LinkedIn unveiled their newest product, University Pages (having paved the way for the launch by lowering their minimum age of admission to 14). University Pages is a lot like an education-focused version of LinkedIn itself, with a dash of the original version of Facebook (remember when that was just for college kids?). Grads can connect ... Read More »

Higher Ed Degrees and Salaries: the Big Picture

degree infographic sm

Here’s an infographic that highlights some key benefits of earning a college degree. It’s not a comprehensive picture, but its broad strokes do provide useful food for thought. The salary distinctions it depicts between undergrad and master’s, doctoral and professional degrees make an appealing case in themselves, while the back-to-school component provides perspective from the other end of the employment ... Read More »

MOOCs’ Appeal

School and study on a laptop

At Information Week, education section editor and columnist David F. Carr recently posted a column that outlines the results of a survey of newly-enrolled MOOC students and students with existing MOOC experience. This survey found that the primary reason that students enroll in a MOOC is an interest in the class’s core topic. Its findings are helpful benchmarks for any ... Read More »

Homeland Security overseas: Closing our doors


In recent days and weeks, more than 20 American embassies and consulates across the Middle East and North Africa have been closed, due to security concerns and intercepted intelligence indicating an imminent threat. Dr. Mary Thompson-Jones, director and faculty member of the MS in Global Studies and International Affairs program at Northeastern University College of Professional Studies (CPS), was an ... Read More »

After the Ballet: An Education


The Boston Globe on Sunday highlighted a unique partnership between Northeastern University College of Professional Studies (CPS) and Boston Ballet that helps dancers prepare themselves for their post-dancing careers—careers that end all too soon, given the rigors and challenges of professional dancing. The partnership provides flexible and customized opportunities for dancers to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees and take advantage of ... Read More »

Online Ed: The Quality vs. Cost Equation


Over at the Reuters blog, political commentator and senior fellow at the Libertarian-inclined R Street Institute Reihan Salam has posted a column in which he contends (to quote his title) that “Online education can be good or cheap, but not both.” Salam cites the recent San Jose State partnership with Udacity; he observes that the initiative, intended “to create courses ... Read More »

A Fresh Resource: Remedial MOOCs

Online free education

Inside Higher Ed published an article by Paul Fein last week that focuses on an unappreciated benefit that community colleges have found in the much-debated MOOC concept; that of remedial education. Fein relates that community colleges aren’t replacing their curricula with MOOCs, but some are starting to employ third-party online ed programs, and even creating online content of their own, ... Read More »

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