Homeland Security overseas: Closing our doors

Homeland Security overseas: Closing our doors

In recent days and weeks, more than 20 American embassies and consulates across the Middle East and North Africa have been closed, due to security concerns and intercepted intelligence indicating an imminent threat.

Dr. Mary Thompson-Jones, director and faculty member of the MS in Global Studies and International Affairs program at Northeastern University College of Professional Studies (CPS), was an American diplomat for 23 years. Here at the News & Events section of the CPS site, Dr. Thompson-Jones shares her thoughts on these closings—the reasoning behind the choice to close them and the longer-term consequences their staff (and the U.S.) will face as a result.


[T]his tells our partners all over the Arab world that we don’t think their countries are safe working environments. Once the threat is lifted we will have some damage control to do…

Terrorist groups might see the closure as a victory… Without having to engage in anything but so-called “chatter” they achieved their aim. This will not only encourage future attempts by other groups, but might also encourage bluffing.

Whether or not you’re already interested, involved or enrolled in the CPS MA in Homeland Security program, you’ll find Dr. Thompson-Jones’ thoughts on this topic worth a read. Check out the full post and let us know what you think about the security of our embassies overseas and how it relates to our security at home.

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