Master’s Degrees: Moving on Up

Master’s Degrees: Moving on Up

Nick Anderson, a higher ed writer at the Washington Post, has posted a pair of articles focusing on an uptick in the granting of Master’s degrees by schools across the country, and at Northeastern University in particular. His May 25 piece, “Master’s degree programs surge at nation’s colleges and universities,” attributes this rise to “a surge in demand for advanced credentials from young professionals who want to stand out in the workforce and earn more money.”

In his article published the following day, “Northeastern U. goes Northwest, hunting for master’s degree students,” Anderson describes the efforts Northeastern has undertaken in extending its scope westward, opening a branch in Seattle, WA—and southward, with a new branch in Charlotte, NC. For some context behind these expansions, Anderson cites an observation made by Northeastern President Joseph E. Aoun:

[Aoun] has a ready reply when people ask him why the school is going for the Northwest. The West is the East, he said, “when you look at it from Asia.”

Both of these pieces note that the appeal and popularity of the Master’s degree is on the rise. Are you considering taking your education to the next level? Does geography play a role in your decision? We’re interested in your thoughts on if, where and how you might envision a Master’s in your future.

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