Five Degrees That Will Shape Our Future

Five Degrees That Will Shape Our Future

What will the future of higher education look like?

How about safer, more environmentally conscious, and more fun?

That’s the prediction according to a new infographic published in Edudemic that looks at five degrees that haven’t been around that long, but will make a big impact on our lives in the future.

The degrees listed reflect new, emerging and growing areas of academic study as we train the next generation of workers to take on important global challenges. And here at the College of Professional Studies, we feel pretty good about the fact that we already offer three of the five: Homeland Security, Cyber Security and Game Design (the other two are Nanotechnology and Sustainability).

Which of these degrees do you think will have the biggest impact in the next decade? Are there others you think will reshape the educational world and workplace? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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