Top Ten Trends in Returning Education in 2013

Top Ten Trends in Returning Education in 2013

Here at Aspire, we dedicated much of this past year’s posts to the ins and outs of people considering going back to school.

  1. More adults are returning to college, are you one of them?
    By 2025, employers are expected to need 23 million more college graduates than the nation’s colleges and universities will have produced at the current rate.

  2. In Search of Employability: Curricula of the Future, Meet Business
    Business and education need to come together to better prepare our students for the specific challenges of the new century.

  3. A journey from “dirt poor” to a master’s degree
    Pauline Demetrius, 46, grew up on the northern coast of South America, in a remote area in the Guyana countryside. Her experience sparks the question: Who is entitled to an education?

  4. The key to thriving in higher ed today? Flexibility
    For too long higher education has mass-produced carbon copies of the same degrees and the same kinds of graduates – with the same results.

  5. 5 tips for adults thinking of going back to school
    The latest research shows that adults are heading back to college in higher numbers than ever. And with grim projections of employability shortfalls adding some academic feathers to your cap makes more sense.

  6. 5 Tips for Grad School Success
    Here’s how you can get the most out of your graduate school experience.

  7. Higher Ed Degrees and Salaries: the Big Picture
    Explore the salary distinctions between undergrad and master’s, doctoral and professional degrees.

  8. How Graduate Certificates Fit Into Today’s Fast-Moving Workplace
    The workplace operates faster than ever—and so is the need for employees to get new skills to keep pace. Why earn a graduate certificate instead of a master’s?

  9. Is there really such a thing as a nontraditional student?
    How have we gone for so long thinking that it is a good idea to label a category of our students as “nontraditional?”

  10. Learning Through Experience: A New Surge in Competency-Based Education
    What if students were judged more on their skills than time they spent in the classroom?

What are some of the trends you’ve seen in returning education this year? Share your thoughts. 

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