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Pop Culture: Would You Like Some Education With That?


Some MOOC-based educators, eager to hold their student’s attention as news unfolds about completion rates sinking to as low as 4 percent, have begun moderating class formats and lesson plans to find ways to engage students. And it doesn’t just include having celebrity instructors or opening up in-person learning centers. Pop Culture Connection Education company Instructure, which has partnered with faculty at the University of ... Read More »

365 Days Later, “Year of the MOOC” Becomes “Year of the Backlash”


By: Peter Stokes and Sean Gallagher A little over 12 months ago, The New York Times famously dubbed 2012 “The Year of the MOOC.” What a difference 365 little days can make. Here at the back end of another calendar year, we wonder if 2013 might come to be thought of as “The Year of the Backlash” within the online higher education community. ... Read More »

MOOCs Get LinkedIn to Employers

Young woman using laptop in a Cafe-905214

Struggling with low completion rates, some providers of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have launched a new strategy to increase student motivation. And it’s social. Social media platform LinkedIn announced this week it would begin a pilot program to allow students to display online courses they have completed on their LinkedIn profile. That way, students may be able to market themselves ... Read More »

MOOCs Try to Pinpoint the Missing Ingredient

Thanks to a new deal highlighted in the New York Times, the U.S. State Department has committed to a partnership with massive open online course (MOOC) provider Coursera to open in-person “learning hubs,” where students can access free MOOCs and meet with discussion groups.

Different strokes for different MOOCs. Thanks to a piece in Venture Beat this week, we learn that the major Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) provider Coursera has begun testing on how to increase engagement with its students. The company is examining its messaging to students to see if, for example, telling them they have an upcoming deadline is more effective than periodic encouragement. ... Read More »

Udacity’s MOOCs Facing Pushback – From Its Own Founder

Future transportation: Sebastian Thrun

It recently came out that, from an educational standpoint, Udacity founder Sebastian Thrun wasn’t satisfied with his own product. The professor-turned-entrepreneur-turned-CEO is known for single-handedly starting the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) revolution, which held the promise of bringing world-class education to all corners of the world. He’s now begun to shift his company’s path toward more workplace-aimed training. “I’d ... Read More »

In-Person ‘Learning Hubs’ On the Horizon for MOOCS

Copyright: All rights reserved by Cikgu Brian

Thanks to a new deal highlighted in the New York Times, the U.S. State Department has committed to a partnership with massive open online course (MOOC) provider Coursera to open in-person “learning hubs,” where students can access free MOOCs and meet with discussion groups. This is an interesting change in course for MOOCs, the entire premise of which is built on ... Read More »

Survey Says: Analog-centric Academics and Popular Perceptions


We do hope you’re sitting down for this one, folks. A recent story in the Higher Education section of The Economist is blowing the lid off a secret that has been kept tight for centuries. Ready? The world of academia does not always enthusiastically rush to embrace change. Now, listen—if your pulse is still racing, you might not want to ... Read More »

Online Education Partners: Why Does a University Need One—and How Do You Choose?


Depending on who you talk to, online education is either the big man on campus (BMOC, for the acronym-minded) or the elephant in the classroom. Colleges and universities are launching new or expanded online programs for a multitude of worthwhile—and sometimes hotly debated—reasons, but the basics come down to these: to attract new students, boost enrollments, diversify student populations and ... Read More »

Here a MOOC, there a MOOC: Coursera Goes Big


In a previous post, we linked to this item from the Boston Globe, which noted that a number of high-profile higher ed institutions were hopping on board the edX bandwagon. And now the story’s getting bigger; not only moving from local to national (hi, HuffPo), but looping in the online education company, Coursera. This Huffington Post piece points out that 10 large public university systems, including the ... Read More »

MOOCs and free online education for all: a crucial crossroads


Daphne Koller makes a compelling case that her company Coursera (which partners with universities to offer free online courses open to anyone) and its massive open online course (MOOC) counterparts have the potential to transform lives. During a recent presentation at Northeastern University, Koller shared rich anecdotes about learners who live far from their U.S.-based courses of study who have ... Read More »

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