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Northeastern Students Consult with Italian Renewable Energy Company


Note to readers: This is the second installment of a series of blog posts Day 2 Four students within the College advised ETA-Florence Renewable Energies on ways to deepen partnerships with U.S. scientists. Students Michael Proverdi, Rhonda Woods, Cheryl Szafran and Binta Barry met with ETA company founder Angela Grassi and senior staff to discuss strategy. The company expects the ... Read More »

Graduate Students Serve as Consultants to Italian Industries


Note to readers: This is a the first of a series of blog posts Day 1 How do Italian firms incorporate the challenge of sustainability in businesses with both a global and local outlook? Nineteen Northeastern University students from an online course in the Master’s in Global Studies and International Relations program are combining a study-abroad trip and an international consultancy ... Read More »

Grad School: Why Enroll and What to Watch Out For


Students share their experience Making the decision to pursue a graduate degree isn’t easy—nor should it be. The investment is as much emotional as it is financial and will affect the next two to three years of your life. “You need to make it work for you,” said Iona Tice, a Master of Public Administration candidate, on Saturday, March 14, ... Read More »

10 Ways to Identify a Military Friendly University

Veterans Day 2013

As the veteran services specialist at Northeastern University, I’m honored to serve our veterans and servicemembers on campus by helping them navigate the services we offer. I know first-hand the challenges of separating from the military, looking for employment, finding a place to live, and starting school after years away from the classroom. I’m proud to say that when I ... Read More »

Global Studies Perspectives: Putin on the Wrong Side of History


If there is one sentence that rings true in all the coverage of Ukraine, it is President Obama’s statement that Russia’s President Putin is on the wrong side of history. The ostensible reason for the Russian invasion – there can be no other term – is to rescue ethnic Russians who have lived in Ukraine for generations. Europe’s Invasive History ... Read More »

How Graduate Certificates Fit Into Today’s Fast-Moving Workplace


With advances in technology, workflow and business priorities, the pace of the workplace is faster than ever—and so is the need for employees to get new skills to keep pace. This is part of the reason why someone considering going back to school may opt to earn a graduate certificate instead of committing to a two-to-four-year degree program. With a ... Read More »

Are High Quality Teaching and Research Incompatible?


Last month, I wrote a post called 4 Reasons to be Happy about Teaching with No Tenure, about my experience as an assistant academic specialist—a non-tenured full-time faculty appointment—here the Northeastern University College of Professional Studies (CPS). The controversial topic of non-tenured faculty has recently resurfaced, as the National Bureau of Economic Research released a new study of first-year students ... Read More »

Survey Says: Analog-centric Academics and Popular Perceptions


We do hope you’re sitting down for this one, folks. A recent story in the Higher Education section of The Economist is blowing the lid off a secret that has been kept tight for centuries. Ready? The world of academia does not always enthusiastically rush to embrace change. Now, listen—if your pulse is still racing, you might not want to ... Read More »

5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership


Leadership is clearly more than seniority, a title and power. It’s a multi-faceted topic that leaders themselves are interested in studying, including Teresa Goode, faculty member at Northeastern University College of Professional Studies. Here, she shares tips on how she’s been able to apply a modern model of leadership to real people. When scanning stories about Angelina Jolie over the ... Read More »

Is there really such a thing as a nontraditional student?


Every so often, a really bad name for something is contrived and somehow becomes acceptable. That is, until years later, when its legitimacy is eventually questioned and, ultimately, changed. In the breakfast cereal world, for example, Golden Crisp suffered from the ultra-sweet name of Super Sugar Crisp for nearly 20 years before parents began to question whether giving “super sugar” ... Read More »

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