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5 Ways a University Partnership Can Benefit Your Company

Successful Business Meeting

As an employer, there is nothing more valuable than a workforce of highly educated and innovative employees who know the state of their art. And as an employee, there is nothing better than knowing your employer cares about your professional development. Where those two interests align is where university partnerships are born. Companies and organizations can reap great benefits by ... Read More »

3 Takeaways from the Starbucks-Arizona State Partnership


As the Assistant Dean of Partnerships and Alliances at Northeastern University College of Professional Studies, I spend my days speaking with leaders in the workforce and finding ways to create partnerships between businesses and higher education institutions. I’ve found the most successful businesses know the value of developing a better-trained workforce, and the benefit of allowing their employees to learn ... Read More »

A Time for Master’s Degrees to Innovate


This article appeared originally in The New England Journal of Higher Education.  The important ongoing national debate about the value of higher education and its relationship to the economy has largely focused on undergraduate education—understandably so since it represents the largest share of U.S. enrollment and spending. Yet there is an underanalyzed segment of postsecondary education that is increasingly relevant and in demand: ... Read More »

5 Ways Project Management Can Help your Organization Innovate


When I talk to students about the many ways that project management shapes how companies innovate, I like to draw a parallel to one of the most innovative entities that’s ever existed, Bell Laboratories, often referred to as “The Idea Factory.” Starting in the late 1800s, creative solutions to technological, communications, and even medical problems have poured out from the ... Read More »

4 Ways Professional Degrees are Innovating


Almost 100 years ago, the demand for secondary-level education massively increased because new well-paying jobs required workers with higher levels of technological, written, and quantitative skills. Meeting this demand played a critical role in America’s 20-century economic success. Here we are a century later, experiencing a similar phenomenon—but at the graduate level. The educational innovation taking place around forming and ... Read More »

3 Ways to Attract Top Talent at Your Nonprofit


Hiring for a non-profit can be a double-edged sword. The good news is that, as a nonprofit, your organization offers many of the “intangibles” that can lead to a fulfilling career by serving others. The bad news is you most likely can’t compete with a for-profit when it comes to salary. However, there are ways to overcome this discrepancy and ... Read More »

Why Professional Master’s Degrees are the Next Round of Innovation

"IMGP2306.JPG" by Robert S. Donovan

With so many people still in debt from their bachelor’s degree, what case is there to make for taking on additional debt for a master’s degree? Sean Gallagher, Northeastern’s Chief Strategy Officer and recent doctoral graduate from the College of Professional Studies Doctor of Education Program, says the need for professional master’s degrees is clear-cut. These are the degrees that ... Read More »

Will Innovation Shake Up Higher Education?


Should higher education be free? Can students learn without the direct assistance of faculty? What’s the most effective model of assessment? These kinds of questions are central to innovation in higher education, a topic in the news this week with the announcement of  a new higher education innovation program at Arizona State University and Georgetown University. Set to launch this fall, the “Institute ... Read More »

5 Ways to Improve Your Organization’s Blog


Company blogs can be an effective way to humanize a brand and an organization. Blogs offer a chance to depart from the dreaded “corporate speak” of many traditional web site pages, so employees and stakeholders tend to get inspired to set up a blog. And doing so is easier than ever, thanks to increasingly versatile templates. But keeping a blog ... Read More »

4 Takeaways from the 2014 SXSWedu Conference


By: Peter Stokes and Kevin Bell The first thing you must know before setting out for SXSWedu is that the sun will come out and the air will warm only as you step into the cab to begin your journey back home. The second thing you should know is that SXSWedu is a sprawling affair, with thousands of attendees, dozens of ... Read More »

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