Military service no barrier to a master’s for this Navy man

Military service no barrier to a master’s for this Navy man

Check out this great story about Navy pilot Tomas Saenz, who got a master’s degree in engineering while he was at war in Afghanistan. Talk about a military member with a commitment to education.

Saenz is part of a growing population of military veterans returning from war (or in this case, still being at war) and getting advanced degrees to help find opportunities in a really challenging job market.

Check out some of the programs that Northeastern’s College of Professional Studies offers active and retired military. And kudos to lieutenant Saenz and all the members of our military who are making time for education and skills development while defending our country.

Are you a member of the military who has gotten an advanced degree like Lieutenant Saenz? What barriers and challenges did you face? How has the degree helped you as you returned to the workforce in the United States? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

The photo that accompanies this story appeared in the original Huffington Post article.


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