Online Degrees Make for Strong Employees

Online Degrees Make for Strong Employees

The Corporate Learning Network is an online community designed to supply training executives with contemporary knowledge and skills. Dr. Joshua Kim, director of Learning and Technology for the Master of Health Care Delivery Science program at Dartmouth College, has written an article for the Network on why online ed grads make great hires.

He won’t get an argument here; we’re on record as supporters of online degrees and their benefits in—and to—the professional world. But we’re always glad to hear someone else making the point.

Kim posits that online students are “go-getters,” that they work well in groups made up of people who may not ever meet in person, and that they are fluent in digital collaboration tools. He points out that these characteristics embody ideal traits that employers value—and that employers should be more cognizant of their presence in the skill sets of online ed degree holders.

Do you fit these descriptions—and are you an online student? How do you see your emplyability, in regards to your experience with an online educational program?

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